About Dr Symonds

Dr Gabriel Symonds is an English general practitioner who has been living in Tokyo for many years. Sometimes people ask him, ‘What brought you to Japan?’ They don’t seem satisfied with the literal answer – an aeroplane – so he tells them, ‘It’s a long story.’ That story is told in his entertaining memoir, An English Doctor in Japan – see the Books page.

In brief, after working for fifteen years in Britain, mainly in the NHS, in 1984 he immigrated to Japan and eventually set up the highly successful Tokyo British Clinic serving the expatriate community. Now retired from full-time work, Dr Symonds offers smoking cessation counselling and Jungian based psychotherapy, online or at his office in Tokyo. He is also a keen blogger, writing about smoking and vaping.

See  www.nicotinemonkey.com

In addition, he writes about other controversial medical matters, as below.


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