Gender Dysphoria: A Societal Mania

Dr Jason Rafferty, a Pediatrics Specialist at the disconcertingly named Thundermist Health Center in Woonsocket, Rhode Island in the US, has attracted a one-star review: My child described him as ‘weird’ and ‘creepy’ after he repeatedly grilled her about her gender identity. She said she didn't identify as anything, so they put ‘genderqueer’  on her medical records even [...]

The Misfortunes of Keira Bell (continued)

What’s the difference between sex and gender? It’s like a question that’s reputed to be asked of those wishing to qualify in accountancy: what’s the difference between residence and domicile? Residence is where you live; domicile is where you think you live. Thus, sex is whether you’re male or female; gender is how you ‘identify’, that is, whether [...]

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How Keira Bell Was Failed By Her Doctors

What would Freud have thought of this? Keira Bell is a young woman who has bravely revealed her story to the public in the hope of saving others from getting into a similar heart-rending mess. Her problem was what is called gender confusion—but it turned out that that was only on the surface. When she was 16 she [...]

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