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Transgender is a Delusion

Puberty can be a stressful, even turbulent, time with its physical and emotional changes. And these days, especially because of the influence of social media, it may happen that young people project their difficulties onto the idea that they are, or may be, ‘trans’. Such a belief, sense, or feeling – better to call it delusion – may [...]

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Transgenderism – Doctors should Keep Out of it

Confused about your gender? Then you will need specialised gender care! Consider this scenario. A young boy wants to dress in girls’ clothes, play with girls’ toys, and expresses a liking for the colour pink. He says he is, or wishes he could be, a girl. His concerned parents wonder whether he has ‘gender dysphoria’ and take him [...]

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More Transgender Medical Muddle

The right path? Let’s start by looking at an organisation pompously calling itself World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH). In 2022 they produced their ‘Standards of Care for the Health of Transgender and Gender Diverse People, version 8.’ This is an impressive document running to 260 pages that lists 118 contributors and has sixty-eight pages of references. [...]

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Medical Confusion over Transgenderism

Let’s look at what the British Medical Association (BMA) has to say about trans and non-binary patients in a document they put out in March 2022 called ‘Inclusive Care of Trans and Non-Binary Patients’. Stating the obvious They start by stating the obvious: ‘It is important that all groups within the patient population have access to appropriate, timely, [...]

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Transgenderism and Humpty Dumpty

In my blog on the question of whether a 'trans man' can give birth, I mentioned how the transgender ideology has penetrated even into The British Medical Journal. Now we find it seeping into areas of ordinary discourse as well. We’re in the fantastical world of Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking Glass, (the sequel to Alice in Wonderland), [...]

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Can a Trans Man Give Birth?

The strange idea of ‘transitioning’ from one sex, or rather, ‘gender’, to another, is nothing new. Here’s an except from ‘A Christmas Carol’, an episode of The Goon Show, first broadcast by the BBC on 24 December 1959, in which the characters Ray Ellington (a black jazz singer, played by himself) and Scratchit (Harry Secombe) have the following [...]

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Has the World Gone Mad?

According to an online BBC report (21 December 2022), so it must be true, if Scotland is representative of the world it has indeed gone mad. How so? Let me explain. The headline announces: ‘People aged 16 and 17 to be allowed to change gender’. This is what the Scottish Parliament has decided in spite of hecklers shouting [...]

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The Invention of Gender Dysphoria

When I was working in full-time general practice I would occasionally see young women whose periods had stopped who came for another opinion after an initial visit to a gynaecologist. The gynaecologist had prescribed female hormones but this hadn't worked. The reason was obvious. The gynaecologist had failed to look above the patient’s waist: she was suffering from [...]

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Affirmative Care or Child Abuse?

When a woman tries to turn herself into a man There is in Britain a charitable organisation called Educational Action Challenging Homophobia (EACH). One of its aims is to ‘promote affirmative and accurate representations of LGBT lives’, whatever that means, and in pursuit of this goal has put out a video titled ‘What is gender?’ After excruciatingly irritating [...]

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