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How to make Nothing sound like Something

Encapsulation of what goes wrong A regular columnist in a certain medical journal who had run out of ideas, again seems to have been afflicted by the dreaded writer’s block. So, once more he’s turned to his favourite subject: himself. The first thing that strikes one about his latest column is the repeated use of the words ‘I’, [...]

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Transgender Nonsense is Alive and Well

The British Medical Journal needs a new copywriter as well as a new editorial policy. In the edition of 20 November 2023 there’s a headline, ‘CBT can help with range of menopausal symptoms says NICE’. (CBT means cognitive behavioural therapy and NICE is the awkward acronym of the smugly named National Institute for Health and Care Excellence.) Unnecessary [...]

2024-04-04T00:58:34+00:002 April 2024|Categories: Transgender|Tags: , , |

A Devastating Harm of Depression Pills

You have probably never heard of Post-SSRI Sexual Dysfunction (PSSD), but if you have ever been prescribed a drug for depression, or are thinking of consulting a psychiatrist because of this symptom, you need to be aware of it. It is a tragic situation and all the more so since it is completely unnecessary. This is because so-called [...]

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Transgender is a Delusion

Puberty can be a stressful, even turbulent, time with its physical and emotional changes. And these days, especially because of the influence of social media, it may happen that young people project their difficulties onto the idea that they are, or may be, ‘trans’. Such a belief, sense, or feeling – better to call it delusion – may [...]

2024-02-14T01:20:54+00:006 December 2023|Categories: Transgender|Tags: , , , |

Low Back Pain – the Great Cop-Out

I could not believe my eyes when I saw a headline in The British Muddical Journal (13 October 2023) proclaiming some great news: 'GPs can refer patients with low back pain to apps, says NICE'. So now at last we have the answer to this ubiquitous problem: apps! The object of this wonderful move is to help these [...]

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Trans Instructions for Doctors

In March 2023 the UK doctors’ regulatory body, the General Medical Council (GMC), put out on its website information about adult ‘Trans healthcare’ with a sub-heading, ‘Every patient has the right to high-quality and inclusive healthcare.’ Patients do not, I think, want low-quality, non-inclusive healthcare, so this hardly needs saying. Patronising Under another sub-heading, ‘How to make your [...]

‘Show me a normal man and I will cure him’

I was reminded of this aphorism, which has been attributed to Freud, by an article on ‘Personality Disorder’ in The British Medical Journal of 16 September 2023. If such an entity exists, this means there must be a standard for personality that is not disordered – a normal personality, as one might say. And what, pray, is that? [...]

2023-11-24T01:15:19+00:007 October 2023|Categories: Psychiatry|Tags: , , |

Gender Recognition Certificate

If the purpose of the UK government website, ‘Apply for a Gender Recognition Certificate’ is to put people off by its complexity, it will have succeeded. It starts with an ‘Overview’ where one is informed: Apply for a Gender Recognition Certificate if you want your affirmed gender (sometimes called an ‘acquired gender’) to be legally recognised in [...]

2023-11-30T04:37:15+00:009 September 2023|Categories: Transgender|

The Highly Esteemed British Muddical Journal

An open letter of 17 December 2021 by the editors of The British Medical Journal, or 'The BMJ' as they call this august organ, has just come to my attention. It’s addressed to the man who runs the social medium formerly called BookFace but which is now styled merely as ‘Meta’. The new title, a Greek prefix meaning [...]

2024-03-13T11:20:41+00:0029 August 2023|Categories: Controversies|Tags: |

The Anxiety Makers

The title of this post is borrowed from a book published in 1967 by a doctor with the splendidly appropriate name of Alex Comfort. It deals with how doctors in the past and in the then present, inadvertently and ignorantly made people anxious, particularly over masturbation and constipation, among other matters in which they had set themselves up [...]

2023-10-06T02:52:40+00:0023 August 2023|Categories: Controversies|Tags: , , , |
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